5 Costly Courier Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

No matter what sort of business you run, package shipping is critical. Receiving your packages when promised are some things that will make or break a business, counting on the industry. This week’s On-Demand Courier blog discusses five common courier mistakes you ought to avoid to make sure your packages arrive on time.
On-Demand shipping is familiar with the significance of proper, professional, and well-timed bundle shipping. That’s why our team offers multiple shipping schedules for a good range of companies.

1: Overestimating
If you need courier by 5:00, scheduling it for noon can increase your cost by 30-40%. Choose the service level that’s right for the work.

2: Delayed courier
Our courier service attend and deliver on time. It’s difficult to most courier services to seek out the proper package. Then direct the driving force for the office, conforming call, get the amount, revisit in case not delivered.
The solution? Always provide an identifying order number – and countercheck to form certain it’s accurate.

3: No Contact
Who’s the package coming from? If it’s now no longer on the front desk, how are we able to attain them? Especially in large companies, the driving force needs the contact’s name and telephone number so we will track it down in minutes rather than delaying– and money – trying to find the needle during a corporate haystack.

4: Secrets
So we got to attend a back building, through the side entrance, have a specific person sign? Don’t hide that information! Every order has a data container for Special Instructions. If you recognize there’s a trick to getting the work done. Its is eventually figure it out, but which will eat up time and price you money.

5: Closed
Some organizations near absolutely for lunch or don’t take couriers of deliveries at sure times. If they attend deliver and no one’s there, we send the driving force away to try to do other things and are available back for a re-delivery. This incurs additional costs which may easily be avoided by alerting us to scheduled company closures.

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