5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Courier Service

Courier services are a crucial part of eCommerce businesses. An eCommerce business is completely based on the internet and has no direct interaction with customers. Courier service does the complicated task of handling logistics; it is important to choose the right courier service for your eCommerce business.

A good courier service is very important in ensuring customer satisfaction. A majority of customer reviews on an eCommerce portal are based on the courier services.There are some mistakes to be avoided before choosing a courier service for your eCommerce business.

Choosing a New Courier Service

Experience is the most important factor in deciding the reliability of any firm; logistics is not an easy job. Handling logistics requires some previous experience to execute complicated logistics operations.

Some of these operations include dealing with cash on delivery, handling one-day deliveries in major cities, and safety of the consignments. An inexperienced operator may not work as efficiently to provide the service promised by the eCommerce firm.Choosing a new courier service with no or insufficient experience might affect your public image and damage the bond between the seller and the customer.

Choosing a Service on the Basis of Cost

As we know, experience matters a lot and quality of service matters too. It is not wise to choose a logistics partner on the basis of cost alone.

A cheap courier service might not provide the right services to your customers. The quality of the service plays a vital role in making a customer come back. The same thing might happen with a high-cost courier service. An overpriced courier service might not provide ‘value for money’ service. A high-priced courier service might provide a satisfactory service, which is not what your firm paid for.A courier service with justified price for its services is always considered the best.

Pay attention to the overall price, including the GST for courier services.

Not Checking for Professionalism

Work ethics show the quality of work someone offers. Professionalism is a display of dedication toward work and duties. In the case of logistics, professionalism is directly related to the quality of work an operator will do.

Professionalism is an important factor for choosing a courier service for your business. An unprofessional courier service might not reply on time or might delay deliveries. This inconsistency will result in a bad public image, which can cause a lot of damage to the sales. It is easy to communicate with a professional courier service and better communication is the key to achieve quality output.

Not Focusing Geo-Location of the Courier Service

The location of the service provider plays a vital role in supply chain management. A courier service provider close to the distribution centre can help a lot to deliver orders on time. The most relevant location of the courier service depends on where you are getting more orders. Courier service based in that specific area will work more effectively than any outsider courier service.

No Policy Check

Policies decide the workflow and ethics of a firm in case of any dispute or inconvenience. Understanding the rules and regulations of a firm is beneficial to develop a long-time relationship between firms.

These are some common mistakes online retailers and e-commerce firms do while selecting a courier service. Stay away from these common pitfalls in the process of choosing your courier partner.

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