Day by day technology is developing due to which not only the e-commerce but logistics and courier companies are strengthening their bases and growing every day. With the help of them, e-commerce businesses are successfully trading their products all over the world.

If you’re an e-commerce business owner the most important thing to choose wisely is the right logistic partner to deliver your product. In this way, a lot of negative hurdles could be avoided that come across in the growth path of your business.

Every year mishaps like innumerable return request, improper delivery of product and breakage of product occurs due to which thousands of business dealers have to face a lot of difficulties and a huge loss. This mishap results in a weakening of the country’s economy as well as customer and seller’s relationship is also getting affected.

If this continues people will start losing faith over online stores and will go back to the traditional old street shopping.

Since establishment SHIPYAARI is competing with few other similar companies. To sustain in the market we at “SHIPYAARI” are continuously releasing new additional features on our site.

“SHIPYAARI” follows only one norm which is “Customer is our king”. A satisfied customer is only going to turn into an asset for your company. SHIPYAARI’s agenda is to sustain customer satisfaction and retailer satisfaction which is missing in a few of the competing companies. Among them one is SHIPROCKET.

SHIPYAARI and SHIPROCKET both provide various services to help and grow SME to go beyond the boundaries of the regional area and grab a bigger market. Both releases various flagship services regularly and many sellers prefer one over the other
There is only one major difference between SHIPROCKET and SHIPYAARI which is the most important point for consideration:

SHIPROCKET spends a high budget on marketing and releases the latest feature now and then. By “NEW SERVICE” OR “LATEST FEATURE” headline they grab the attention of customers and people tend to turn to SHIPROCKET services. In the hurry to release the latest and greatest feature they don’t focus on business core which is the most important thing because “Quality matters not Quantity”.

The Billing fiasco in the Weight Charged, delayed COD, No Customer Support, and the inflated charges of the service are examples of this, this is all over social media & WhatsApp Chat of many seller groups.

A New feature or New service is just a marketing strategy to grab the attention of customers.
On the other hand, we at “SHIPYAARI” is focused on quality rather than quantity because we want our customer to attain satisfaction if they are investing with us. As we say “Customer is our king”, we purely stick to this by constant customer support. Our approach is conservative. We might not have big new features in our portal but the way we serve and support the sellers is beyond the mark.

Our excellent RTO ratio or NDR support or human support is more preferred over robotic support to the seller of SHIPROCKET. We are focused on making our base strong so that our core business can grow and sellers can make money by using SHIPYAARI service.
We have similar services like SHIPROCKET like early COD, passbook charges, Hyperlocal delivery, free RTO, or Money back services but the quality provided by us is undoubtedly better.


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