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Why Is It Important to Integrate a Shipping Solution with Your eCommerce Business? 

Shipping is extremely important for sellers simply because customers are bothered about shipping. You might be providing the best shopping experience, the most reasonable prices, with excellent customer service, but ultimately the process of eCommerce shipping solutions India is what enables your customers to get to your products or services. Every step that you take in order to make shipping a reliable as well as efficient process is directly going to affect the crucial physical connection between the products and your customers.

1. Integration

You will be capable of integrating orders from any place you sell:carts, selling platforms, marketplaces. In addition, maximum solutions are going to allow you to put up orders from an offline source as well,for example, a trade show. Orders automatically download to your shipping solution with tracking numbers, orders status updates, etc. posted back to your selling platform. This ensures precise, real-time flow of data.

2. Order Management

There are tools to manage all the orders. Online orders might turn out to be complicated and you require the flexibility for sorting, filtering, splitting – several addresses, combined – orders being dispatched to the same address, batch, as well as drop-ship from one system

3. Discounted Rates

The total volume going through eCommerce shipping solutions India generally allows discounts that get passed onto their client, that is, you. Make sure to check out the discounts on USPS.

4. Compare Rates

A shipping solution needs to integrate with every major carrier. This implies thatit is possible to browse and compare prices as well as service options between carriers before deciding.

5. Returns Management

This refers to the capacity to skillfully produce return labels to provide to the customers in a quick and easy fashion to keep buyers happy

6. Tracking and Communication

Real-time confirmations for shipment are sent to the customers along with tracking information to keep your customers informed to help in reducing inbound queries through your store.

7. Rules and Automation

The capacity to define rules for automating repetitive tasks or decisions is important with your growth.

8. Pick, Pack, Label

The flexibility of printing pick lists, branded slips for packing, or labels in any order to ensure that the details are free of error.

9. Reporting

Reporting gives the power to capture any data required by you across customers, items, products, carriers, geographies etc. for analyzing your results in order to make favorable business decisions.

10. Go International

A significant amount of the population of the worldlives outside your country. Hence, at some point, you could think about growing beyond the borders. Select a shipping solution that can offer pre-populated customs forms to eliminate the headache linked to shipping overseas.


An e-commerce shipping solutions India are crucial for the success of your ecommerce business because of some serious stats: 38% of consumes state they won’t ever shop with a business again after a poor delivery experience.60% of consumers decide to choose a competitor that offers more convenient delivery. 45% of consumers leave a shopping cart due to unpleasant delivery options.

A shipping solution for your e-commerce business concerns a lot more than free shipping or fast delivery, although these are critical parts of it. We hope this guide pointed you to most of the benefits of integrating with a shipping solution.

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