How Ecommerce can keep up with the customer demands during Lockdown.

With the announcement made by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the lockdown across the country till May 3 to avoid any further spread of the Coronavirus, several precautionary measures are taken to ensure the curfew by people and businesses.

Continuing the restrictions on people for leaving their homes, there have been some discrepancies with the e-commerce giants viz. Amazon, Flipkart as well. However, these questions on the regulation to be followed were addressed by the government circulars on the guidelines and news updates.

According to an article of Economic times: Several online commerce companies including Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm Mall are preparing to resume full operations from April 20, after the ministry of home affairs (MHA) released a set of revised guidelines for services that are allowed during the extended lockdown to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.

While others such as Amazon have sought clarification from the Centre on whether they can sell non-essentials in addition to food and grocery items, industry executives told ET.

Surveying the combined efforts of the government in providing safe and quick passage or e-commerce deliveries can be assuring for businesses, however, there have been several reports of citizens buying essential supplies in bulk which may take time to streamline the logistics. To solve this issue, Shipyaari has the best Solution – Multiple Courier partners!
If you are looking for a reliable and powerful dashboard with a plethora of features such as multiple courier service. Multiple courier partners can get you considerable leverage over other business, how? Let’s find out!


Quick and reliable deliveries

As there are multiple courier partners the delivery fleet will get extended, increasing your delivery speed. Couriers companies have fulfilment centres internationally in major countries, so you can get better efficiency and timely deliveries as compared to single courier partners.

Backup options

With Shipyaari’s range of delivery partner facility you can be equipped with a backup plan too! Events of major crisis like the current pandemic you cannot rely on single courier partner, hence you should always have an option to ship with others. This facility is also found useful in case of last-minute pickup cancellations.

Enhanced Reach

With the variety of Shipping partners, you can have the advantage to deliver in multiple locations. Overcoming the limitation of delivering your shipment by giving you multiple courier partners, every city and village can now be in your reach.

Early Pickups

Owing to the fast operating fulfilment centres with the multiple courier partners, you can now expect early delivery by micromanaging them with your comprehensive dashboard.

Best deals

You can compare the rates provided by your partners and choose the best delivery option for your desired destination. Shipping solutions are often accompanied with discounted prices. You can approach companies with a researched and measured knowledge of the market prices us can gain the best prices by negotiating, which isn’t possible when you rely on a single courier partner.

While we are streamlining the options of delivering our shipments to customers, we must also understand the shift of trend in buying patterns of our customers. Due to a complete shut down in retail outlets, people are searching for their needs in the online market. Unreliable market conditions have led people to bulk-buying essential products.

What is Bulk-buying?

Bulk-buying is the purchase of goods in a larger quantity than usual to gain the discount, or in today’s scenario to stock up the goods to avoid unreliable market effects.
As the coronavirus was declared a pandemic people started bulk-buying products from the e-commerce websites, there have been several reports which show that people were unable to buy groceries for the online markets due to rushed booking and goods being purchased in bulk.
The shopping behaviour of men and women were affected considerably, in both cases they preferred purchasing the products online or go for in-store interaction like BOPIS (Buy online, pick in-store). This shift in purchasing behaviour not only benefitted the e-commerce sites but also the customers as they have minimum contact with the outer world.

Opportunity for E-commerce
Ideally, this is the best time for e-commerce businesses to make the maximum out of this opportunity, however, this opportunity stands equally for small as well as large businesses. Hence if you looking to compete in the e-commerce market you will need to optimize and make your website’s usability to its highest sense. The rushed customers in the online market are most likely to be directed in one direction (Best websites).
Adapting to today’s needs and demands, you will need to create an SEO and user optimized website so that your website gains the 1st place in the search results.

Let’s stay positive!
Overlooking all the opportunities in the e-commerce industry to increase business, it is also the best time to portray the helpfulness and empathy towards our fellow people. Have not only a financial mindset but also a mindset of a responsible citizen to utilize this power in building a healthier and reliable relationship between companies and customers.
Only you know your customers better than anyone else, start bridging the gaps of changing needs and buying behaviour by using the best innovative services from Shipyaari. Start with understanding and automating the logistics of your business with service providers such as Shipyaari, this will help you to focus more on innovating your business and giving on-time deliveries!

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