The Latest Innovations in eCommerce Courier India

India’s eCommerce platform recently became the centre of a great amount of attention when the global brand Walmart Inc declared that it will buy a major chunk of the country’s biggest online retailer Flipkart. This is the biggest eCommerce contract by price globally that has set the stage for further investments in the upcoming years with an emphasis on sectors like online grocery and furniture. This will also imply that eCommerce courier in India will get a huge upgrade and in the end the customer will be the one who really gains. In future, shopping online is set to get even more convenient;customers can expect quick delivery and the cost of products and services will see competition from many retailers.

Logistics Partnerships

Customers are receiving next-day delivery of their purchased products. Due to the problems in return orders, increased customer service needs, and dealing with huge quantities of delivery, the business has witnessed a rise of various third-party logistics service providers that deal with the final deliveries. There is a growing partnership of eCommerce firms with these third-party logistics services so as to enter in class two and three cities. Also, leading eCommerce companies have their very own logistics sections for better customer experience and increased control over eCommerce courier in India.

The Emergence of Social Commerce

The increasing usage of the internet, primarily associated with telecom giants like Jio, has resulted in a rise in time spent by people on social media. A whopping 93% of millennials spend their recreation time on social media. Social commerce websites are assisting people to begin their own online shops. There are also platforms for sharing social deals by unifying the use of reference and word of mouth with the help of social media.

Growth of eCommerce Enablers

The Indian eCommerce business will most probably cross the $100 billion line in the next half a decade. The fact that brands such as Flipkart have garnered revenues worth $100 million in just a single day in their Big Billion Day Sale is fascinating! eCommerce ancillaries like logistics, vendor management, inventory management etc. will now become vital. Further, private equity companies like Equirus Capital are assisting eCommerce ancillary firms to generate funds.

GST to Aid eCommerce

GST is anticipated to implement a single extensive indirect tax system that will be acceptable throughout on goods and services across the country.  It will improve the functional capacity of the eCommerce business in several ways like clarity and simplification of taxes crossing the borders all across India, cutting off the situation of double-taxation and modification in the capacity of the supply chain.

Supported by the hike in internet consumption, with due credit to the current data tariffs throughout the nation, eCommerce is rapidly gaining impetus and has evolved an important component of our everyday life. With each passing day, modern platforms are mushrooming in the online trading arena, expanding the extent to an all-new degree.  Excellent customer-care, after-sale complaint handling, simple return policies and impressive discounts have assured that an increasing number of consumers are choosing online shopping. Now, with the help of eCommerce courier in India, consumers are not unwilling to purchase big-ticket items like ACs, refrigerators, TVs and even furniture online.

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