4 Critical Factors to Analyse Before You Finalise Courier Services for eCommerce in India 

Finding the right courier service is one of the most critical aspects of pleasing your clients, saving money, and expanding your business when it comes to online sales. Start-ups are also in the process of choosing providers that support their overall selling and delivery. Shipping, distribution, and delivery are the critical components when deciding which courier service to choose. In comparison to national delivery systems, courier delivery services are private companies providing more customised services like door-to-door parcel delivery, seven-day-a-week delivery, or same-day delivery.

Here are a few factors to analyse while choosing courier services for eCommerce in India:

Speedy Delivery

The time taken for your customers to collect their products from a delivery service has a direct effect on your brand’s image and also decides whether your customers will buy from your portal again.Consumers perceive the delivery process as just an extension of shopping experience and the shipping speed is linked to customer satisfaction. With the increasing developments in pickup and packaging technology, distribution hubs, and fulfilment centres, the industry aims to reduce delivery times on an ongoing basis.

Consider choosing courier providers that offer multiple speed options if this is extremely important for your customers as many alternatives are already present in the market.


Though many people are willing to pay more for quicker shipping, most shoppers would want the lowest shipping rates possible. A study of 4,700 customers from McKinsey showed that 70 percent of them search for the cheapest mode of home delivery.

Some businesses are incorporating shipping costs into their pricing strategies, so having the lowest prices from reliable courier services is a way to raise revenues and make more money available to scale the company.Therefore, if you are looking for a logistic carrier for your company, pick the most cost-efficient from the pool of available courier services for eCommerce in India.

Area Coverage

If your company takes various orders to be shipped across the country, across the continent, or worldwide, you’ll need a courier service that can provide the right pin code coverage when you need it.

Some clients need to collaborate with a global courier service to cover deliveries to all places, but many businesses will choose different delivery companies depending on what’s being delivered, where the shipment is heading and the speed required. Choosing courier services for particular jobs as per their needs allows businesses to make well-informed decisions.

Tracking Capability

If the courier service that your eCommerce business ties up with also offers a tracking capability, it is a great advantage. When customers shop online, they would want to know the status of their package. So, look for a courier service that offers this facility.

Courier services should provide more convenient smartphone tracking or use enticing graphics that display processing stages so that you can choose the right one based on the tracking systems they provide. This also gives the flexibility to the customers to know when the package may arrive so that they can accordingly manage their schedule.

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