How to Research the Optimal eCommerce Shipping Solution Provider for Your Business?

Whether you own a small eCommerce business or a big one, you know how important it is having a good and efficient eCommerce shipping solution provider. If you are about to go for market research for the various shipping service providers, you’ll know how tricky it is to get a service provider that is appropriate for your company’s needs.

When we speak about shipping, it also includes the process of logistics, dealing with courier partners, insurance companies and intermediate players. Thus, it’s a broad term that has to be tackled in a strategical manner.

In this article, we will list out some key features to remember while you are searching for an optimal eCommerce shipping solution provider.

Product Weight

The weight of the product you sell plays a very important role when you are choosing a service provider. If your packages are usually small and don’t weigh much, then you can go for the national postal service that demands very nominal fees. But if you sell a wide variety of products, which may sometimes weigh more, then you can opt for a private shipping company.  You should also think about insuringyour packages as some companies do provide such service and some do not. Thus, you have to decide for yourself whether your product needs to be insured or not.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost in one way or the other tends to affect the business as not providing free shipping or asking for high shipping price usually leads to shipping cart abandonment. It may be an expensive cost for the company to spend, but you can always try to divert the profit source and compensate for the additional cost from somewhere else. Another tactic to use is to offer free shipping to the customers only above a minimum purchase price. This also encourages customers to buy more products.

International Shipments

If you have a local business, then it’s okay to have a company that only ships within the nation. However, if you target foreign customers too, then it would be wiser to go for a service provider that provides international shipping service within your budget.

Delivery Times

Delivery time is a very important factor as some customers demand the product to be delivered within a few days. Thus, hiring a service provider that also provides faster shipping options is a valuable addition to the company’s delivery system. Nowadays, express delivery is a feature that is highly appreciated by the customers as it delivers the product on the same day or the day after it was ordered.


You have to be very specific in your shipping policy.Does the customer need to pack the product and ship it back by themselves or will the shipping company take care of the returned product by getting it picked by their associates?

The return system is a tricky service as a returned product has to be checked for any damage caused before initiating the refund amount. Thus, any mistake will cost the company some money and loss of faith from customers.

These are the top factors to be considered when looking for an optimal eCommerce shipping solution provider. With these considerations, you would be able to make a well-informed choice.

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