5 Criteria That Can Help Your eCommerce Business Evaluate Prospective Courier Partners

With the rising trend of online shopping, it’s a no-brainer that eCommerce is a booming sector and owning an online business is a great idea. There are many eCommerce courier companies out there that you can take help from when it comes to shipping solutions. The shipping process can become a great pain if it is not executed in an orderly manner.

The shipping system has to be satisfactory in order to develop a loyal customer base and studies have also shown that 29% of shoppers will never buy from an online store if the shipping is not satisfactory at all.

If you are about to implement this technology for your business and are looking for the best service out there, this is the right post for guidance. We have curated a list of some key points to remember while looking for the right courier service for your company.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is a very important factor when it comes to courier service and it can also affect your sales and profits. A study has shown that 42% of shoppers abandon their cart after realizing that the delivery time is too much. Thus, it is very important to choose a company that provides features like fast delivery and express delivery that promises to deliver the package the same day or the next day of ordering. This can directly affect your sales and help the company to grow exponentially.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges also play a key role in deciding whether the customer is going to make the purchase or not. Huge shipping charges are a big turn-off and urge customers to look for the product from somewhere else with less shipping cost. The extra shipping costs, if cut down, can cost a lot to your company, but you can always compensate the profit from raising the price of your product a little bit or by some other strategies.

Online Tracking

We all are familiar with the feeling of being all excited for the package to arrive once we are done clicking the payment button. There are a lot of eCommerce courier companies out there that do not provide customers with the facility of tracking their order location, thus not ending up doing much business. Thus, opting for a courier service company that does provide the feature is always a safe bet.

Return Policy

The return policy is a great challenge for both the eCommerce business owner and the courier service company. If the returns are not executed properly by the courier company, it can cost a lot to the eCommerce business as every time a return is made the company already loses some money that they had to put to deliver it to the customer on the first hand. Thus, you have to look for a courier company that has a proper agreement regarding the return policy of the order.

Cash on Delivery

With the increase in demand for cash on delivery payment option, it is high time to either switch to or to opt for a courier company that provides such options. People appreciate those companies that offer such options; however, it is a hard thing for a courier company to efficiently execute CoD, so you have to be smart about your options.

So, this was our list of top things to remember when looking for the best option you can choose from the huge list of eCommerce courier companies out there. Make sure to take all these into account.

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