3 Things to Remember While Choosing eCommerce Logistics Provider in India 

In a world where almost everything is just a click away or accessible through your mobile, no entrepreneur can easily take it. Over the last few years, e-space has developed several folds and to withstand the intense market, e-portals need to have all sorted – pricing, goods, and most important logistics, right from the start.

In a country like India with a population of 1.33 billion and the total number of internet users expected to rise to 829 million by 2021 (from 687.62 million as of September 2019), it is going to see a huge rise. All of this will add to bring a big impact on every eCommerce logistics provider in India. The logistics market has emerged as the new fastest-growing industry, with the rise of eCommerce. The key factor for an eCommerce entrepreneur is selecting the right logistics partner.

There are a lot of factors that make a logistic carrier stand out from the other logistic carriers in the market place. To select the best logistics company,you have to strike a balance between time and budget constraints. Have it wrong and you will end up with unsatisfied customers. Here are the most important 3 things that you need to remember while choosing a logistics partner.

Say ‘No’to Sub-Contracting

The logistics provider can manage and operate the entire distribution network so that this can be a bonus because the contact at the transport company is in full charge of your products from pick-up to delivery and can tell you where all of your products are at any time, night or day.

Most transportation firms advertise services that they do not carry but subcontract it to other carriers. Communication can be challenging in such cases when something goes wrong because the carrier would only know the details once they obtain it from their supplier. This is a source of stress when it is important to find answers to a question.

Pin Code Coverage

Whenever it comes to capacity and coverage, different companies have different needs and requirements. So, you’ll have to evaluate exactly how much your needs are in this field to make the best choice. Which quantity of goods do you need to transport, and which places do you need to transport them to? You need to identify the right eCommerce logistics provider in India that meets your needs.

If you distribute across the world, you will need to select a logistics company with distribution networks throughout all parts of India. This decision will also impact the number of goods you intend to supply and the pace of deliveries, as the capacity requirements will differ for each company.


No company would run at a loss or give you something that you didn’t pay for. And if the quoted price is extremely low, you need to think once again. This may lead to subpar operation, poor reliability, and openness, or other down-line problems. In terms of price, cutting corners will cost you in the form of damaged goods and angry customers later.

Price is, in fact, a major factor while selecting a logistics partner for your online store. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that the price should commensurate with the services being given. Consider all the above-discussed tips so that you can tie up with the best eCommerce logistics provider in India.

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