Tips on How to be prepared for the aftermath of Coronavirus Pandemic!

The Coronavirus Lockdown is on the stage of relaxing! Companies are hopeful of resuming their processes soon in a full-fledged manner, however, a lot of damage has been done. The after crises of this pandemic is yet to be eminent among the companies. 

Especially for businesses who source products from China will have to face a big challenge of rebuilding their supply chain. While MNCs have backup plans with expert risk management teams to put the supply chain back in track, MSMEs may find this crisis a large blow to their business plans and processes. 

From logistics, shipping, customer satisfaction a lot of elements gets affected. We will share some valuable yet simple tips for you to minimize and control the impacts of Corona Virus Pandemic on your E-commerce company in India.

  1. Smart Shipping

Create reliable and leak-proof E-commerce shipping solutions, include activities such as confirming the availability of the receiver before shipping the products; As there is a rise in incidents of customers not accepting the delivery due to the fear of the spread of coronavirus, we advise E-commerce companies to send a request message- Whatsapp or SMS to your customers for advance payment so as to easily convert their orders to Prepaid Shipment for contactless delivery. Shipyaari sends such messages before delivery and accepts the payments on your behalf and thus ensures the safety of your customer.

  • Build relations with Your Suppliers

Situations, like a pandemic, can have a number of effects on your as well as your supplier’s business. If you coordinate and help your suppliers you can have a reliable relationship during these hard times. Often you may find innovative solutions after understanding your Supplier’s issues and challenges due to government regulations. These measures will help you prepare for the issues that may not have arrived yet. If you have built enough goodwill you may also contact other potential suppliers and increase your reach to areas which have a potential business. 

  • Keep your inventory ready.

Don’t let your inventory dry up, restock sufficiently whenever you get the opportunity. Manufacturing may have already been affected and the supply will be unreliable for a while. If possible contact your supplier and put up a purchase order greater than usual. With the workers migrating we can expect the manufacturing process to not work on its full potential. Find alternative sources to manufacture products, maybe from the local market to sustain in case of unavailability of products from the primary source. There is a high probability that your customers may reject products manufactured from China. 

  • Stay Informed

Have multiple sources of information to get verified and reliable information about the rules and regulations. Check all the import duties applicable on the products before ordering, as there is a possibility of drastic changes in import and export duties. 

  • Improve Customer Support

Keep your customer informed about the status of the delivery, due to the rise in the panic among people, it is best to win the customer’s trust in your company. You can even have the track of your shipment with logistics software such as Shipyaari. Know more on how Ecommerce Logistics provider in India can support you in shipping, tracking and much more here

Stay Productive!

Focus on things that are under your control and how you can make the best out of them with your innovation. Make use of helpful and cost-effective logistics of Shipyaari to have a clear goal and systematics step to achieve your objectives. 

Get answers on, what are your Strengths? , Where are your resources wasted? What are your future plans? Now is also the opportunity to make your Shipping and company processes more systematic and leak-proof by harnessing enough information, Check out more blogs from Shipyaari to get updates about shipping and E-commerce courier services in India! We wish that you find the best opportunities for your business!

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