3 Alarming signs That you are losing your business in this Lockdown!

Do you believe that your e-commerce logistics is optimized for its utility or, it is actually an anchor that is pulling your business to set sail? During this time of crises or for some business time of opportunity everyone’s business depends on the decisions you take to streamline your company’s supply chain of management. It is the very base that can build and demolish your company’s growth. 

According to an article published by Ipsos on 11th April,2020- “Nearly 120 million out of the estimated 300 million worldwide Internet users have already made a purchase or transaction online, with as many as one in four purchases made on impulse.” Clearly suggesting that Ecommerce has resurrected the shopping behaviour of people around the globe. Even you must have realized by now that how important it is for you to showcase your products, get orders, deliver and receive payments with reliable and adaptable logistics. Regardless of the restrictions and unreliability, we cannot afford to delay or misdeliver a shipment, it is time to get smart and make use of Shipyaari’s Logistics equipped for the challenging conditions.

Often during crises, a smart business already foresees the coming problems and where they need to work on. The possible threat to the business is always visible Here are some Alert signs you must not ignore to avoid a major loss in business.

  1. Losing Customer Loyalty 

Poor customer services will force your customers to look for other options. Remember, even during lockdown the competition in the e-commerce platform has decreased. Customers can shift in just a few clicks.

A sudden increase in consumer calls and emails on late delivery or damaged shipments is a clear sign that your e-commerce courier service needs some serious amendments to be made. If such situations are encountered one must only conclude that the customer complains is the early stage of lost customers!

To understand more about the shift of behaviour check Research and Markets’s extensive report.

  • Non-Transparent logistics 

Your ability to providing on-time deliveries depends on the level of transparency with your end consumer and the company that is delivering your shipments. 

An integrated system can help you maintain smooth logistics and even help you to upgrade your processes. Failing to meet the delivery time and getting a track of the shipment means that your customer is facing issues. Hence poor system integration can affect your customer retention as well as profits gained.

The only solution to these problems is to bring in a dedicated e-commerce courier service provider such as Shipyaari which facilitates and integrated operating system for your logistics, delivery tracking, business growth and much more.  

A good integration system will help you better address customer complaints and solve them to decrease the bounce rate of your incoming customers. Know more about bounce rate from- Ecommerce Guide Bounce Rate

  • Heavy Shipping costs

A gradual increase in the cost of services by the third party should be compared and kept in check. However, you must also check for companies which provide discounts for bulk orders and high volume shipping. 

In case you realize that you are paying above the current market shipping rates you must have the ability to make a smooth transition. It is undeniably right to look for better and lowest shipping rates for cost-cutting and better investment opportunities. 

Shipyaari helps you have multiple shipping partners giving an integrated dashboard for tracking and ordering processes. 

If your business is showing these alert Warnings, you have to make prompt decisions on the ways you have been handling your business and e-commerce services. Check Shipyaari for a host of facilities it provides for faster, adaptive and trackable shipping. Bring the best and latest facilities to grow your business exponentially.

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