Avoid After Effects of Covid-19 on ECommerce Business

Our Initiative towards combating Covid-19 Outbreak.

How to Avoid After Effects of Covid-19 on ECommerce Business?
With the rise in regulatory actions to control the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, it is surely a time of crises for many businesses. Retail and FMCG Industries have taken the major hits, however, some industries have gained an opportunity to increase their business by adapting and developing the plans. 

With some measure integrated by the government into the market, we have formulated scientific and reliable plans to ensure we play our part in stopping the virus spread while facilitating the customer experience regardless of the current situations.

As we all know that on March 22 whole India observed Janata Curfew, whereas e-commerce was exempted from the prohibitory orders of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic to provide the essential services throughout India. This is a huge win for the e-commerce sector to fulfil the demand spike built over the last few weeks. 

We are proud to serve our customers with their needs during this time of need. Thanks to our dedicated operation team who continues to work and organize safe, sanitized deliveries to our customers. 

Here are few processes which we developed by extensive research and practical trials for seamless, safe and hygienic shipment processes, you can try them too!

Sanitizing Warehouse

Covid-19 can only be prevented by ensuring that we sanitize and clean our surroundings and the objects we get in contact with. Therefore, ensure that you and your co-workers follow a strict protocol of washing hands and the gears that come in use. Make sure that the products are stored in a place that is clean and least contacted by people.

Integrate Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery is a simple yet effective measure to deliver products with ease. If your Buyers agrees you can designate a safe place to deliver the products/package for the customer to safely transact at their convenience. You can check Domino’s Food Chain who follows this facility across all its restaurants where the customers can receive their order without getting in direct contact with the delivery staff. However, it can seem rather difficult if there is the involvement of expensive shipments, Hence it is a best practice for the delivery of packages to reduce points of contact at a larger scale.

Instruct Courier Staff on Safety guidelines

It is important to Educate your Courier Executives on how the virus spreads and what measures we can take to avoid the spread. Proper guidelines to sanitize and follow the operations should be explained to all the employees. Avail a sufficient amount of sanitization materials such as hand sanitizers to promote the culture of being aware and follow hygiene standards during operations.

Contact Shipping Aggregators 

Shipping Aggregators like Shipyaari are excellent service providers during this time to ensure you do not lose on your business. You will achieve the facility to ship your products across 25000+ PIN codes in the country. Expert staff to courier your products without any time wastage. 

Genuine Customer support

Understanding Customer needs and comfort is the most important aspect of your business now more than ever. By connecting the resources to the right needs you can grow your business exponentially, ensure that your customer’s queries and issues are solved quickly at any time of the day. 

Seamless Updates

Your Customer/ Buyers may get more concerned about their delivery given the changing market conditions. Often customer support is unable to give satisfying information about the updates with the product delivery. To solve this issue you can provide an online page which helps with an all-inclusive dashboard to track the shipments. 

Our Message

We at Shipyaari call our seller partners, courier partners, and everyone associated with us to make a step towards a progressive and safe e-commerce process by creating guidelines and securing every contact point to minimize the impact of this Pandemic. We are always available to help our sellers have seamless delivery of their packages. Wishing everyone a safe and productive business in these challenging conditions.

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