Shipyaari: India’s Most Agile Technology Enabled Logistics Consolidator (Part 2)

If logistics are not duly consolidated for an e-commerce business, it could result in:-

  • The organization being unsure about making sure that it is able to deliver the goods to a particular location.
  • Iteratively getting in touch with a host of courier services providers, to find the one most suited for delivery.
  • Corresponding delays.
  • At times, a fresh startup might fail to achieve order fulfilment in totality.
  • Profit margins are likely to be affected because the brand might not be sure if it is getting the best deal in terms of the shipping charging rates, for shipping goods to a consumer location.
  • In the same way, pick up of goods could be problematic, because the pickup point may be distant, which might result in long transportation of goods, something that could possibly be avoided.

For consolidating e-commerce logistics for your brand, Shipyaari works in the following ways:- With Shipyaari as your shipping partner, you would no longer have to worry about figuring out the most suited courier company for a particular assignment. A smart API is configured for your organization, and as soon as you receive an order, you come to know of details like

  • The courier companies who ship to that particular location.
  • The most feasible available option.
  • If you do not intend to choose a courier company for the consignment, at Shipyaari, we come up with the requisite recommendations for a shipping company, so that makes the entire process easier for you.

All you would then be required to do is paste the tracking id which is generated on the dashboard on to the packaging, and pass the packaging over to the pickup guy.

Alternately, e-commerce solutions provided by Shipyaari ensure that tracking your consignments is easier at every stage, just by the use of the dashboard.

As an e-commerce brand, you have a single account for all courier companies.

And with the drop shipping option provided by Shipyaari, you can ensure that shipping charges for a consignment are further minimized. Your goods would be stored at multiple locations and would be shipped from the location nearest to the consumer, greatly reducing the shipping charges and easing out the process.

Similarly, with Shipyaari, you could find 1100+ pin codes for CoD payments and 1300+ pin codes for deliveries, from a single consolidated location.

This would ensure that you can leave all your worries regarding shipping hassles to us, and concentrate on doing what you do the best, to let your business grow.

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